Pool Features

If you want to give your swimming pool some added pizzazz, Aquascape has a wide array of water feature options you should consider:

  • Beach Entry – is one of the more popular features that starts out at zero and gradually slopes down to the shallow end of the pool.
  • Sheer or Stream water features – usually placed on a raised wall producing a glass sheet of water projecting away from the pool wall.  The flow can be adjusted to create a range of effects. 
  • Deck Jets – a pencil stream of water that comes out of the deck or flower beds and flows into the pool.
  • Swimming pool sconces or rosettes –  sculpted sconces that are usually placed on a raised wall that streams water into the pool.
  • Decorative Mosaics – decorative pool tile and other mosaics with different designs, such as under water scenes, animals, shells, and custom options available.
  • Dive Rock or Jump Rock – a more aesthetic option where a large rock that is placed in the deep end of the pool.
  • Slides –  natural or man-made options are available.
  • Tanning Shelf – shallow area in the pool to keep cool while sun bathing
  • Water stools – gunite or rock stools placed in the water that stand alone or accompany a bar.
  • Fountains – can be separate or inside your pool or spa and will give your space a defining focal point that is a striking enhancement to your project.

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